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by Jeffrey DiLiddo

If you’re responsible for billing and revenue cycle performance in a community health center (CHC), private practice, or major hospital system or billing firm, and you’re waiting for the “perfect software solution”, you could be waiting for a long time. It takes time and a lot of trial and error to produce software, and you want a stable, capable product.

Solving Problems with Software

You need technology solutions that can address your challenges and issues now, and you know the right software in the right place at the right time can drive real change in your organization. We get it! Software designers and product managers love solving billing and revenue cycle process problems with new tech, and software developers love making these tech solutions come to life. So how does your CHC, practice, or hospital system access innovative new software products? By becoming an early adopter.

The Advantages

Technology conservatives might warn you not to implement new technology too early. If the software isn’t finished, you should let someone else work out the bugs. But you might regret waiting to try software simply because it’s too new. Technology trendsetters know there are hidden advantages to being an early adopter. Here are some industry secrets technology conservatives don’t know (or won’t tell you):

  • Early adopters typically get attractive pricing.
  • You work with teams that are less set in their ways and want to learn about your business and your challenges.
  • Your preferences matter because you’re participating early in the product’s development life. You’re more likely to get features and services tailored to your needs.
  • Developers deliver updates at a furious pace—no waiting for next year’s version.
  • The focus is all on you, your needs, and your feedback.
  • You’re getting access to business process improvements that aren’t widely available in the marketplace.
  • You become a thought leader and innovator among your industry peers.
  • Did we mention great pricing?

Now What?

Technology conservatives and trendsetters bring valuable points of view to any organization. Maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. But if you’re facing billing and cash collections challenges in your practice and you want to work with a team of trendsetters dedicated to meeting those challenges, contact us today. Break out of your usual tech mindset—become an early adopter and get in on the ground floor of some great new tech solutions!

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