Primary Health Care, Iowa

Client Spotlight: Primary Health Care, Iowa

Founded in 1981, Primary Health Care (PHC) is a community health center (CHC) providing medical and dental care to undeserved individuals and families in Iowa. PHC hosts seven medical clinics, three dental clinics and four satellite clinics…
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Attention Local New England Coding Professionals!

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Join RevenueHealth Systems co-founder, Ray Jorgensen and COO, Jeffrey DiLiddo at Miriam Hospital on Tuesday, April 9th at 5:00PM EST for their presentation on “Optimizing Operations and Learning from Denials” What you’ll walk away…
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Revenue Cycle Management Software: The Advantages of Being an Early Adopter

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by Jeffrey DiLiddo If you’re responsible for billing and revenue cycle performance in a community health center (CHC), private practice, or major hospital system or billing firm, and you’re waiting for the “perfect software solution”,…
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Why Did We Start RevenueHealth Systems?

By Jeffrey DiLiddo Welcome to our first post!   I guess a good place to start is to answer the questions; Why did we do it?  Why did we start RevenueHealth? RevenueHealth Systems was started by medical billers.  Nearly every member…