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RevenueHealth Telemedicine Coding and Billing

A Tidal Wave of Data - The Top 5 Ways Revenue Cycle Data Can Benefit Your Practice

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By Jeffrey DiLiddo Big Data in healthcare is exploding. A recent report published by Seagate projects that healthcare data will experience a compound annual growth rate of 36% by 2025 , and that data sphere is expected to grow 13% faster…
RevenueHealth Case Study: Southwest Federally Qualified Health Center

Medical Practice in Southwest on pace to add $2MM in cash while reducing costs by >$90K

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The Challenge A large Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in the Southwest was concerned about their lack of visibility into claim denials and overall claims activity. This is a common story in the industry; according to a survey conducted…
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Attention Local New England Coding Professionals!

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Join RevenueHealth Systems co-founder, Ray Jorgensen and COO, Jeffrey DiLiddo at Miriam Hospital on Tuesday, April 9th at 5:00PM EST for their presentation on “Optimizing Operations and Learning from Denials” What you’ll walk away…
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Healthcare Software Decisions: The Financial Risk of Forgetting about your Billing Department

By: Jeffrey DiLiddo Last week, an article in Becker’s Health Review reported that Tower Health in Pennsylvania are pointed to their EMR installation as the source of the loss they posted in the first half for the 2019 fiscal year, due to…
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Revenue Cycle Management Software: The Advantages of Being an Early Adopter

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by Jeffrey DiLiddo If you’re responsible for billing and revenue cycle performance in a community health center (CHC), private practice, or major hospital system or billing firm, and you’re waiting for the “perfect software solution”,…
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Building Better Medical Billers

KPI to Improve your Edge By Ray Jorgensen, CPC In 1998, our billing firm was still in its infancy. As a small regional company, we took on any client without regard for specialty. While trying to find our footing, we often observed and emulated…
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Mitigate Medical Billing Denials, Permanently

Know Why You Don’t Get Paid and Mitigate Denials, Permanently. By Ray Jorgensen, CEO and Co-Founder of RevenueHealth Too much to do and too little time to dive deeply? Every “C” level professional in any industry is overwhelmed with…